Examples of possible business issues (or perhaps better termed 'missed opportunities')

Are you clear on your priorities?

• What would really make a difference to your business? What is the potential you could achieve? -£k?
• What will your market be like in say 3 years? Will you be competitive if you don't change?
• Have you any major risks you need to manage?
• Is there an opportunity you are missing?
• Is there a difficult decision that needs addressing?

Are you getting the best out of your people? • Are all staff clear on what you expect from them?
• Who are your best people? Do you use them fully?
• Are there any people under-performing?
• How much time do you have to stand back from the business?

Do you always follow though initiatives and achieve what you want? • How best to get others doing what you want?
• What is the best way to overcome resistance to change?
• Have you set clear measures of what you want to achieve?
• How best to get others in your team leading the change and coming forward with ideas?

Some practical ideas for getting the best out of your business:


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