How the support works...

- The first meeting discusses your particular challenge(s) and what you want to achieve – and sets some measures, timescales and clear objectives

- From this together we agree how best to progress, brainstorm any associated issues, and then agree priorities and the plan of how to put it into practice

- I then work with you to put changes into practice, deciding timescales, who should be involved within the business, what actions need to take place, etc

- Frequency of contact: this is completely flexible and dependent upon the brief but can be weekly, monthly or ad hoc.

- Throughout we have regular reviews of progress with clear summary feedback, along with us being aware of everything else going on in a busy business. Together we achieve what you want - and then usually think about the next project

- Costs: A fee is agreed, normally based on hours worked. However there is no ongoing contract - if you do not see a benefit you can cancel the support at any time

......Simple? Well, actually it requires commitment and effort, but with a clear objective, external support will help you stand back and put changes into practice


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